Sunday Sevens // 29 2015

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series that anyone can join in with. It’s designed to showcase seven photos which each provide a window to your week. Nat has all the info.   What. A. Week! Summer term finished and the holidays began, but between the end of school and the beginning of the summer break was an exceptionally busy period of time. More details below…

1. A sedate start to the week – I grew a passionflower! I have one of these growing in both the front and back gardens, but this is the only flower that has appeared so far this year. I love how intricate and tropical they look.  

 2. Worksop isn’t the most picturesque town, but it’s lovely to see flower beds planted up and brimming with colour.  

 3. I broke my sewing silence and made two tops which I’ll be blogging about very soon. Here’s a preview:  

 4.  I took my new car on a couple of short journeys. It’s quite different from my trusty old Polo (Elsie) so I’m hoping I get used to driving (and parking it) over the holidays. 

 5. A little blogging celebration! I also got my 100th follower this week, but didn’t get a notification for that. Update 27.7.15:

 Hooray! 🎈 I’m hoping to increase the number of blog posts I write during the next few weeks. 


5.5 This is an extra one I’m adding in here,  and it shows some of the very kind and generous gifts I was given at the end of term. I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the families and staff I work with. 

 6.  My school does INSET very differently from most. We spent a fantastic morning team building, which included quad biking, rifle shooting and archery. I excelled at none but loved them all! We then had a relaxing pub lunch before parting company. 

7.  On Wednesday evening, after the INSET, a group of us reconvened at school ready for the drive up to North Yorkshire. I’ll be telling the full story in a separate post, but here was part of my preparation for the event.   You’ll notice my week kind of ‘stops’ at Wednesday, and the upcoming foot-related post will explain why that is. So I’m now officially on holiday! It’s so nice to feel like so many possibilities lay ahead for what I could do over the next month or so, and I’m hoping it will include lots of making, no marking but definitely many preparations for the new school year. Have a lovely week and relax, if you get chance. 


11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 29 2015

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  1. WOW at that passion flower!
    If you want any help eating all those chocolates, I’m here!
    I hope you have a lovely summer break and get lots more sewing and relaxing done.

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    1. I spoke to my mum last night and she was saying she “only” got one box of chocolates for her birthday last week…hint hint! My husband just took the ones into work that I was given for Christmas & hadn’t got round to eating!

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  2. The snap of the passionflower makes me want to paint it – and I can’t even paint! What a lovely end to the school year/start to the Summer holidays to have all those goodies to get through. The bike fabric looks interesting – was it a cycling related make?

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  3. Intrigued by the bike fabric, will look forward to seeing that one… I know exactly what you mean about the endless possibilities now that the holidays have begun. It’s heavenly to wake up this morning and just read with a cup of tea in bed, may stay here for a while, enjoy! 🙂

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