Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series which enables you to share seven photos from the last week, to privide a little window to your world. Visit Nat’s blog to find out how you can join in.  

The holidays have
ended and new term begun, it’s an exciting time of year when the weather becomes cooler and the leaves start to crinkle. 1.  A lovely lunch at one of my favourite cafes – eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. 
 2.  The fields the dogs used to love to chase through have been harvested and turned into hay bales! Luckily that means many new opportunities to explore and sniff. 

3.  Picked up some pretty vintage buttons for just 20p per set. 

 4.  The end of the holidays and new school year is always time for reflection. I’ve let my eating habits slip somewhat over the last year or so and would like to put that right, so I’ve been researching recipes that are tasty, filling but also quick enough for week nights. 

 5.  I’ve stuck to my pledge. I’ve still only completed one garment so far, but have patterns cut out plus fabric for one item. I had to share this picture when I saw it 😊

 6.  As the weather is now more changeable, any sunny days or warm evenings are even more appreciated. 

 7.  Had my hair put up in a messy, curly, side bun for a family party. This is taken at the end of the night but it stayed in pretty well.

 Tomorrow the first full week of term begins so I know it will be busy. I’m looking forward to getting to know my new class, and getting properly back into the swing of it all. The weather today is beautiful, so fingers crossed we’ve not quite seen the last of summer yet.