Sunday Sevens is a weekly blogging series coordinated by Nat and designed to showcase seven images from your week.  

Once again, however, I’m blurring the rules. My post this week is a special edition, celebrating the fourth birthday of my dog, Wilf. Yes, I am aware I sound like a crazy dog owner. 

Wilf came from Sheffield Council kennels in May 2013. He had been picked up as a stray but once checked over he was found to be microchipped. We were told that his owner refused to pay the release fee in order to collect him. When I first met him he wasn’t skinny or dejected, he ecstatically played with a ball and walked fairly nicely around the block on a borrowed lead. Kennel cough was mentioned, but it was only a day or two after bringing him home that the extent of his illness was evident, namely in that it was all over the kitchen floor. 

Wilf is a typical terrier (Patterdale crossed with Labrador, we think) and is at his happiest when off the lead and exploring new places. He is extremely talented in guilt-tripping you into taking him for a walk if he deems it to be time. He has also perfected the art of an RSPCA face, as demonstrated in a photo below. IMG_5634IMG_6195IMG_6697IMG_6832

IMG_6995IMG_7730IMG_8349Since adopting Wilf I walk every day, with my walks often being my favourite part of the day. I’ll never know why Wilf’s first owner didn’t or couldn’t keep him. I’d like to think that he has a happier life now anyway. He’s walked, fed, fussed and frequently terrorised by Oliver. I’m hoping his fourth birthday will be a happy one. IMG_8855