Sunday Sevens // 1 2016

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, here we are at the end of the holidays and at the start of the year. Over this last week I’ve slipped comfortably into a routine of staying up later and waking later, around 8am, which feels fairly luxurious because a) it’s 2 hours later than I normally get up for work and b) it’s almost daylight.

The final week of 2015 still seemed fairly busy, but with definitely more time for me. I sewed up a Cynthia Rowley dress I had had cut out for weeks, plus made a Megan dress in an evening that I am pretty pleased with. I’ll be blogging both when I’ve got more photos.

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blogging series to round up your week in seven(ish) photos. It’s a great prompt to keep you blogging even when life gets busy. If you’ve resolved to write more this year, visit Nat’s blog for full details of how you can join in.

1.  I walked my final miles of 2015, mostly wearing my lovely new hat knitted by my clever 92 year old Nan.

 2.  The weather has stayed pretty mild, and to celebrate I walked one of my old favourite walks, across a few fields and through some woods.

3.  I spent a day with my mum in…Doncaster! My mum is from Doncaster and it’s a long time since I have been into the centre with her. Although most of the market was closed, I managed to find a nice knit and stitch shop where I bought some buttons. The photo was taken in the corn exchange, which I didn’t know existed!

4.  I began planning my new topic for Spring Term ~ Japan!

 5.  New Year’s Eve was quiet, I walked the dogs, had some nice M&S food and went to bed, though I was awoken by the fireworks around midnight.

 6.  I sorted through my Christmas gifts and this is one of my favourites ~ a beautiful decoration from Nat and her recent trip to the Smoky Mountains. Just gorgeous.

 7. Finally tidied away the Christmas decorations and came across this old box which I think came from my grandparents.  I love the retro design!

 Lastly, because it wouldn’t be Sunday Sevens without at least one dog, here’s Wilfie enjoying his Christmas (toy) turkey.

If you’re returning to work, and normality tomorrow, I hope it all goes well.

Sunrise 8.18am
Sunset 15.58


14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 1 2016

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  1. We always keep our decorations and tree up until No.1 Son’s birthday on 7th Jan which is lovely ‘cos the house seems so bare when they’re all down. Great pic of Wilfie eating his turkey and that bear decoration is very special, as is the old cracker box. Hope your return to work isn’t too much of a come down!

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    1. I’m always keen to take the tree down and get the house tidy – I love it when it looks newly bare as it’s usually untidy!
      Most of the decorations on my tree have been gifts or purchased from places I’ve visited, so you’re right, the bear is a very special one 😊

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    1. I can’t say I fancy going somewhere with a huge crowd and feeling obliged to stand around for hours, although I bet Edinburgh would be a fantastic place to celebrate! Just need some time to try to get photos of the new dresses being worn, fingers crossed I’ll find some soon 🙂

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  2. Glad you liked the decoration! I thought of you straight away when I saw all of the bear related products! Glad to see Wilfie enjoying his turkey…Maisy enjoyed her candy cane too 🙂 Love the vintage Jack Frost & I love how your Nan knitted a hat for you – so sweet!

    Liked by 1 person

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