Sunday Sevens // 7 2016 

Sunday Sevens is a blogging series it’s easy to join in with, just visit Nat for all the info.   

As my Easter holidays draw to a close, I thought I’d share a few images to show you what’s been happening lately. 

1.  I did some gardening ~ the first of the year! I cut the grass, pruned the roses (severely) and just had a general tidy. I had to consult more knowledgeable friends to establish whether this was a plant or a weed. 

 2. I ate Japanese food – tuna sashimi, followed by green tea and black sesame ice cream. 

 3.  My fabric stash was in serious need of reorganisation, hence more storage boxes. I have made two garments since this photo was taken, but safe to say, I’m going to try not to buy much (any?) fabric for a while. Probably. 

 4.  I have just loved being out and about with the dogs. I haven’t done particularly long walks but have walked each day and tried to do my 10,000 steps during that walk. This photo is taken on the Welbeck Estate, one of my favourite places locally. This stretch of the path has really high sides, full of names that have been carved over the years. 

 5.  Some gorgeous spring flowers from the garden of a house just near Retford. The owner creates seasonal bunches and sells them for 50p a bunch. Aren’t they beautiful?

 6.  I baked! Each January my resolutions always include to cook more and read more. Well, I’ve *started* a novel on my kindle app, plus I did my first baking of the year which featured flapjack with GREEN glacé cherries as they’re what I had in. The taste was unaffected, fortuitously. 

 7.  I started and finished a dress, then on Saturday whipped up a quick stretch skirt, using some leftover fabric from a make at the end of last summer. I’ve cut out two garments from paper patterns tonight so have a couple of projects to choose from to begin tomorrow. 

 The holidays seem to have been all over the place in different parts of the U.K. this time, so whether your holidays are over or not, I hope you’re making the most of the spring sunshine and dodging the April showers as much as possible. Can you believe it’s just a couple of weeks until the start of Memade May? 


8 responses to “Sunday Sevens // 7 2016 

  1. I hope your return to school goes well. The scene of your walk looked magical 🙂

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  2. Beautiful flowers, and a very inspiring place for walking! Now I don’t feel so bad about my own fabric storage. 😉 Thank you for the lovely photos!

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  3. Wow, that’s some quick sewing! Green cherries just don’t look right in flapjacks, do they, so I’m glad the taste wasn’t affected. I love fresh tuna, pan fried for just 30 seconds and raw inside – delicious!

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  4. Great photos this week! I think those flowers from the lady are beautiful; what a nice thing to sell too 🙂 I’m very impressed with your gardening but jealous of your sushi trip!

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