This time of year, the summer holiday, is a great time for making plans. Teaching permeates most aspects of life, but at this time of year it’s tucked away towards the back of my mind, as much as it can be. At this time of year I have chance to think about all of the things I would like to be doing, if and when I have the time. The great expectations are ones I set myself, for as a teacher I find I set myself new expectations or perhaps more accurately mini-resolutions, every holiday or half term break. Teaching is the perfect job for new starts and clean slates.

At Easter I bought a sewing machine. Slightly impulsive but not too expensive (courtesy of a combination of an Argos offer plus Nectar points). Since then, I’ve successfully completed a couple of projects, bought several sewing books and invested in quite a few metres of beautiful fabrics. Big plans and high hopes. A few weeks before the summer, however, I’d swept the dust off my machine and packed it away until winter, conveniently declaring sewing a hobby for the colder months. Now I’ve had time to breathe, sleep and focus, I’ve discovered a newfound enthusiasm for developing my limited skill set. Hence the creation of my shiny new blog.