A couple of weeks ago I bought this fabric, just because it was on special offer online, and cost me £10 including delivery. I can’t remember if that was for two or two and a half metres, but there is still loads left. It is a warm, jersey fabric that feels almost fleecy.

I wanted a fairly quick and simple pattern, as the fabric is so seasonal, so opted to make view B of this pattern.


I had previously made view A and absolutely loved how it turned out, despite/because of the fact that it was the second garment I made. This time I found the pattern tricky to mark out, and I would welcome suggestions on how to ease this part of the process. I have tailors chalk, a blue pencil, a propelling fabric pencil AND a purple fading fabric pen, yet none of these really worked on this fabric. Instead I basically just snipped around the edge of the pattern and hoped for the best. The good part of using this fabric was that it didn’t fray at all. The bad part was that it dragged a little when going through the machine, but this wasn’t a big problem.
The pattern requires the back to be made in two pieces, which is fine, but asks for the top to be fastened with a button and loop. Last time I ended to stitching the top together and adding one decorative button above the short split. This time I sewed the two back pieces together top to bottom, and then added three buttons that I knew matched the design of the fabric.

The neckline is made with a kind of bias tape, using the dress fabric. This part went ok.

Option B included some little capped sleeves. Fixing them to the dress was fine, but I became confused looking at the diagrams of how to use actual bias tape to finish the edges. I think I got my head round it, and this is the result.


My first time using bias tape properly (I think!). It looks like the tape stands a little proud, so I think I need to try to push the tape further onto the fabric to reduce this next time.
The hem is pretty wiggly; there is no pressing this fabric, and when I tried to do so I managed to sizzle a small section of the neck. I haven’t finished the inside edges in any kind of sophisticated way, and once on the sleeves stand a little high so far, but it’s finished and it’s fine. Crucially, it’s not fitted at the front so will be able to accommodate any kind of Christmas pudding induced roundness. If you are planning on wearing something you have made on Christmas Day I would love to see or hear about it.