Somehow I missed last week’s Sunday Sevens, after a fairly promising start to the year. There was no specific reason and I’m irritated with myself for not finding the time. The upshot is that this week’s post may in fact cover the past fortnight, sloppy I know. I’m hoping to publish a few posts this week to make up for it. If you’re intrigued, just jump over to Nat’s blog for details of how you can take part next week, and summarise seven days with seven images.

1. My class ran a mile (six laps) around the school field to raise money for our nominated charity. We’re still collecting sponsorship but have already raised over £200 from that event! It was a beautiful bright but frosty morning. Here’s an icicle to illustrate the temperature.


2. I’ve been feeling extra-inspired to sew recently, which has resulted in the purchase of various supplies, including patterns.

Plus a couple of ‘vintage’ charity shop finds:


3. I’ve developed a newfound love for Cythia Rowley patterns, with two tried and tested and four en route to me following a true ebay victory! Blog posts of completed makes to follow.


4. Valentine’s Day came and went. According to tradition, I received a card from my mum. Love this Valentines-esque Charlie Harper image. I’m loving all of the flamingo print fabric around at the moment.


5. My class designed Native American sand paintings and stunned me with their careful designs (pre-sand).




6. I had a lovely catch up with baby Elijah!


7. Last but not least, and always my favourite subject: my dogs. I still walk daily but am lacking energy currently and hoping to recharge over half term. Instead here’s me having Wilfie cuddles by the fire.


For anyone off work this week enjoy the break and hopefully alarm-free mornings.