Rowleys on a Roll

After making my denim dress, I wanted to try and rectify a few of my mistakes, and so decided to make another of the 1873, but this time I wanted to deliberately make a sleeveless version, which was a pattern option. I used a metre of a thin but pretty cherry print cotton, that I bought last year before I realised that metre lengths are rarely enough for complete garments. For the outside, I used a beautiful Rowan cotton that I first saw back in autumn. I loved it and planned to use it for my Christmas dress, but when I returned to the store it was sold out. My holly fabric was actually from the same collection, but I had fallen for the original print. Happily, after Christmas I came across it, in a shop in Retford. In the sale it had a third off, so was around £12-£13 per metre. I bought the last three on the roll. I loved it because of the spots being
random and sometimes overlapping, plus it’s a lovely shade of red.

The make came together quickly over a weekend, but the pleats still confused me. When I tried on the ‘completed’ make, the zip only just met, but this was partly because the lining (which I had already hand stitched down) was somehow pulling the outer fabric. It meant one of the darts on the lining had to be, and to stay, unpicked, but I would much rather that than to be left with something unwearable.


The zip looks neat on the outside:


but I am wondering whether I should or could have done something different to encase the zipper tape?


Special thanks goes to Nat at Threads and Bobbins for gifting the buttons which I used for the tabs. At first I was going to leave the tabs off, but then I changed my mind and followed the pattern as directed. I like how they turned out and think they make a nice addition to the dress.


So far the weather hasn’t been kind enough for me to brave wearing this dress even long enough for photos, so I am looking forward to some sunshine so I can enjoy wearing it, and giving that skirt a twirl. My third Cynthia Rowley make and it won’t be the last.









13 thoughts on “Rowleys on a Roll

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  1. This is so cute! I’m glad you opted for the tabs because they add that bit of extra… cuteness! I don’t have the pattern but I’m wondering if the zip is supposed to be caught in between the outer fabric and lining so that the top of the tape is trapped in the middle IYSWIM?!

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  2. Great fabric choices – they go really well together. I would normally insert the zip on the main fabric and hand stitch the lining to the zip tapes on the inside after the lining has been sewn in. That technique should be possible on any dress, regardless of what the pattern suggests:)

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  3. oh the cherry fabric is so cute! the buttons look great on the tabs. i guess the zip is only visible when hanging and as long as it doesnt irritate you, i wouldn’t worry. would love to see this pattern altered into a playsuit! 🙂

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