A week that passed in the blink of an eye! Sunday Sevens is here to give an insight into seven days in my shoes. Read all about it with Nat at Threads and Bobbins. 

1. I had some time to myself last Sunday, so went for a wander down to town in search of sunglasses.  

 2. The sun made more of an appearance during this week’s dog walks, meaning they feel like so much more of a pleasure than a chore.  

   3. Time for a trim! And a bit of a touch up on my regrowth…  

 4.  In preparation for taking a school trip this week, my friend and I visited a farm to conduct a risk assessment. Of course we couldn’t help but coo over the piglets while we were there.  

 5.  Self-seeding poppies in my garden. They didn’t grow in this spot last year, so were an extra bright and beautiful surprise.  

  6.  I returned to Lincoln to attend a sewing meet at Rock Paper Scissors. It was lovely to sit and chat with other sewists, whilst doing a little hand sewing.  

  7. Other than the meet, I’ve made a kind of bargain with myself that I won’t see until I’ve finished writing reports. It’s already 2 weeks since I made anything! Instead I took my laptop outside to ease the pain.  I was so engrossed in my work that my shoulders did turn a little bit pink though!  

   This week I’m including an extra photo, which I think will be useful for posterity – I can’t believe the weather that’s forecast for the week ahead.  

It’s looking like an extremely hot one! Enjoy the sunshine, and unlike me, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen 😎