Sunday Sevens // 27 2015

Sunday Sevens should be a weekly a blog series that shares seven photos taken over the last seven days. Nat has all the info.  For me, however, this week’s Sunday Sevens is brought to you with a twist. Skimming through the (few) photos I’ve taken this week, I’ve made the executive decision to allocate a theme to this post: crochet. 

After a couple of mishaps, I finally managed to attend my first ever crochet class, conveniently located less than half a mile from home. There were two of us plus the teacher, which was great as it meant lots of chance to ask questions. 

1.We chose our wool and started, logically, with making a chain.  

2.  There’s a gorgeous vintage cafe in the centre where the course is held, so I hoped I’d be able to nip through and get a coffee. I didn’t realise that coffee and cake were included in the price of the class. The slices were huge too! 

 Somehow after the cake I was too distracted to take any more photos, but we just practised and refined double and treble crochet. It clarified a couple of things I had got stuck on when I attempted to teach myself at Easter. The teacher lent us a hook and a ball of wool each so we could practise over the next week. I needed to work on my tension in particular. 

3.  Later at home I was keen to discover whether I could continue unsupervised…

 4.  I love how portable crochet is, in comparison with dress making. And that it’s easy to do whilst sitting on the sofa, watching TV. 

 5.  Or whilst you’re laying down and there’s a dog resting his head on your knee. 

 6. I changed wool and tried to make sure the tension was loose from the start.  

 So far I’ve been mainly doing rows of treble crochet, so am hoping to attend the next class and learn something else or find out how I can start to make something useful. 

7. In completely unrelated news, and mainly to make up my seventh photo, I bought some new shoes – with heels! Very un-me, but I love them!   

This is the last *full* week of term for me, and the summer break is edging nearer. Whatever kind of week you have planned, I hope it’s a great one. 


14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 27 2015

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  1. Go on admit it, it was the cake first,then the crochet that attracted you to the class 😉 This is one skill I’d love to master. I think a class is probably the answer for me too! I’ll be interested to know whether you keep it up on your own…

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  2. You’ve taken the plunge and joined a class – good for you! I think all of us who dabble in crafts of the yarny kind love its portability. I know that I, for one, recognise you in me sitting on the sofa with a dog or two watching a film whilst crocheting away. Sexy shoes:)

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  3. Well done to you for making it to your first class! I adore crochet the opportunities are endless! I lace edging, flowers blankets, it is an awesome craft! As you say the most portable, just one stitch to worry about!

    You are at the start of a woolly love affair!

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    1. That’s what I should have subtitled my post – A Woolly Love Affair! I would love to be able to do all of those things you mention, fingers crossed today’s class will take me a step closer 🙂


  4. Crochet, cake and new shoes – what a fab week!! Good luck with the crochet, I learnt last year – check out a site called newstitchaday – really good videos on their stitchionary for helping to learn. It’s in american but easily translated to english terms.

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      1. This is the best thing I’ve made here…. I saw the pattern for this bag which is what made me want to learn. I’ve not made any clothes but one day I’d like to make a summery sleeveless top. I’ve made loads of hats and cowl neck scarfs when practicing. Think most of it’ll will be here under crocheting. It’s very addictive! And portable too so great for at cricket 😀

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    1. Thanks! I’ve just been to my second class and am really enjoying it 🙂 I would love to be able to knit but can’t, perhaps if I manage to learn to crochet I could try that next – I see such beautiful things that people have made 🙂

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      1. I like crochet because you can make 3d shapes and circles which you can’t do with knitting, but I think knitting is better for making clothes. So yes, do learn knitting too, as another skill that has nice portable projects as well as well as being fun and useful.

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  5. Those cake slices look huge & very yummy…almost 1/4 of the cake! I’m impressed! I think that you have made a great start to your crochet; I do think it’s a nice thing to sit in front of the tv with, especially if it’s just crocheting rows! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your creations 🙂

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