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 Whilst it was the last (full) week of term – still two teaching days plus an INSET to go here in Nottinghamshire – it was jam-packed as ever, filled with events, meetings and end of year tasks. I’ve done my best to keep up the dog walks, but sewing has again fallen by the wayside. I’m not even going to pretend I might have time before the holidays now. 

1. Every now and again I come across some unexpected beauty in my town. This field is only a couple of minutes from the town centre and has been planted with strips of wild flowers to walk through.  

 2. Crochet class continued, I made this under close supervision:  
 I then made this:  

 And this:  

…independently! Not perfect but progress.

3. Sports Day at my school is spread out over 3 days to fit in all of the key stages. Key stage One was a beautiful sunny afternoon.    4. A sewing-related package arrived – always a good day!   5. After a couple of failed attempts and a few miles of walking to the depot, I was able to collect the parcel of Cath Kidston sale items I had splurged on (but think of the money I saved! And some contents were gifts!) 

 6. I’m still learning what wool works best for crochet, though not wanting to overspend when I’m still practising. My trusty local knitting and sewing shop had loads of colours for £1.50 for 100g.  

 7. A cafe in Worksop has somehow managed to create a Mediterranean feel in it’s courtyard. Gorgeous!  

 Although I’ve already exceeded my picture limit, it seems like something is missing, so I’ll include one obligatory dog pic: 

 If you’re now on summer hols, enjoy! If not, hopefully you soon will be. Have a lovely week.