Seven days, seven photos. Visit Nat for the lowdown on how you can take part next week. 

It’s that point in the term when I’m eating, sleeping, and breathing school. I was extremely doubtful I’d have anywhere near 7 photos for this week, but thanks to a few walks when I’ve enjoyed the autumnal weather here I am. I’d like to say ‘normal’ service will resume next week, but looking at the diary, it’s doubtful! 

1.  A misty morning which showed off how busy the spiders had been overnight. 

 2.  So many signs of Autumn around now; blackberries, elderberries, rose hips, acorns and conkers. 

 3.  I took this because of the horse/horse chestnut combo. It amused me, anyway! 

 4.  Managed to take this with the dogs growling at the swans and the swans hissing at the dogs. 

 5.  Lit the gas fire for the first time! Partly to dry the dogs after their bath and partly to take the chill of a grey afternoon. 

 6.  Came across this online, it always surprises me that black dogs are overlooked, especially as my Wilfie was a rescue and he turned out to be such a sweetheart. 

 7. Spotted this street name whilst out walking. 

 You’ll notice a lack of sewing, shopping, and outings, other than dog walks, in this week’s post. I feel like I’m still playing catch up after the France trip so am busy getting back into the swing of it all. I’m enjoying watching the season change and am noticing differences each time I walk. Leaves have started falling from the trees and there (randomly)  seem to be a lot of bats about! 

What signs of Autumn have you noticed? And have you collected any of them for decorative or tasting purposes?