Sunday Sevens // 40 2015

A window to your world, and a chance to share 7 photos that might otherwise not make their own blog posts, Sunday Sevens is a blog series that anyone can join. Nat has all the info on her blog

I’ve decided on a loose theme for this week’s Sunday Sevens, and this week it has to be a School Special. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might have gathered we do things a little differently at the school where I work, and this week was no exception. Here’s a few pictures to give you an insight into my working week. 

1.  Crazy weather at the start of the week meant flash flooding – it came and went very quickly – right outside school, meaning my walk home had to be adapted slightly. 

 2.  An all round lack of organisation this week meant several school dinners. The highlight of this one was (obviously) cornflake tart and custard. The health kick’s on hold, you’ll note. 

 3.  Thursday night was our first blogathon of the year, when Year 6 children blog from 9am for 24 hours, and camp out in the school hall. Staff provide a programme of activities to keep them busy. One teacher brought in an old sewing machine and I worked with a couple of children as they tried sewing veins on felt leaves. 

 4. The activity planned by myself and another teacher was tie-dyed tshirts. They’re currently drying in the site manager’s room over the weekend but hopefully we’ll be able to untie the string and rubber bands on Monday. Love the vibrant colours. 

 5.  I organised a late night (12.30-1am) Skype with an aboriginal school in the Northern Territory in Australia. The connection wasn’t great but it was so interesting. 

 6.  I always forget to take a pic of my ‘bed’ under my desk, but I did manage to photograph the clock in my classroom before I got in bed. 

 7. Friday was a beautiful autumnal evening. Our football team played a friendly and I admired how lovely the changing colours of the trees were.  

 Other than school I’ve managed to walk the dogs most days, but my sewing machine remains untouched. I do have a project deadline on the horizon so hopefully I’ll be dusting it off any day soon. I’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the onset of Autumn. Have a lovely week. 


14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens // 40 2015

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    1. I wouldn’t imagine I would be able to sleep under my desk but by 3am I think I could sleep pretty much anywhere! The kids seemed to really enjoy all of the activities and the adults had fun too. It was nice to sleep in an actual bed on Friday night though 🙂

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    1. It is indeed a bowl of cheese, although maybe was slightly smaller in real life! Cornflake tart is cornflakes stuck together with probably butter + sugar, on a pastry base with a layer of jam! I used to love it when I was at school so it’s a real treat to have it occasionally. It was a busy but definitely fun week 🙂

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  1. Cornflake tart was a thing at my husband’s school when he was young. Recently he got a little nostalgic, googled the recipe and made it at home and it was blimmin lovely! Can’t believe your school still serves it!

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  2. Oh my I do miss school dinners and that plate looks AMAZING 😦 Well done you for keeping up with Sunday Sevens even though you’ve had a super busy week! 🙂 Will you post pics of the finished tie dyes?

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  3. Wish there had of been teachers like you when I was at school, you’re ace! And cornflakes cake & custard!! Yum yum!! Think I’ll be making some of that this week, we’re having a big family tea and I need a gluten free pudding 😀

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  4. I love the colours of those shirts – do take pics and let us see how they turned out! I am amazed at the creative talent in our Schools, it sounds a wonderful event for the children that will remain as a fond memory well into adulthood!

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