This is a post I’ll be keeping short and sweet. I know there will be loads of this kind of post, if last year is anything to go by, so I’ll be brief.

When I look back at last year’s resolutions, I can’t help but smile. I could write that exact post again today. I should do more reading, more cooking from scratch, more photography, more blogging, and more exercise. I’m guessing they’re things many people aspire to do at this time of year.

Sewing-wise, I’ve completed a couple of makes with buttons, but I’m still far from confident (my Janome invisible zipper foot has made a huge difference to zip insertion, though).

My internal finishes are better but not flawless. I’ll continue to work on this but doubt I’ll ever be pedantic enough to totally perfect my finishes.

I have made more gifts for other people, but not nearly enough. Another one to transfer over to this year’s list.

I hope to increase the range of patterns I am happy to use – I’ve still steered clear of trousers other than pyjama bottoms, plus I have many vintage patterns that I just need to take a bit of time to work out measurements to increase the chances of having something wearable at the end. 

I’ve dabbled a little with crochet but am nowhere near confident, plus having seen such stunning makes online, I quite fancy giving knitting a go. I would also like to make more things like Christmas cards and gift tags. 

I still want to sew more, to learn more, and to improve lots of techniques. I want to get better at lots of things, personally, professionally and creatively. 

It seems to me, as we enter 2016, it’s all to play for.