The Spoolette’s 2nd Meet-Up

Such a lovely way to spend a Saturday. It was brilliant to meet so many bloggers and sewists as well as finding some amazing shops not too far from home. I’m so glad I went and I want to thank Ali again for organising what was a fantastic day of all things sewing!


Well, I needn’t have worried!

All those restless nights were worth it!

I even dreamt one night that I couldn’t even blog about today because I forgot to go!

It wasn’t just me who was a bit nervous.  I mean, we hear it all the time on the news.  The dangers of meeting strangers online that might not be who you think they are!!  Gosh, if our kids had known what we’d  been up to today!!

So at 10:30am I met with a lovely bunch of ladies, who did not feel like strangers at all, and we didn’t stop talking or shopping until 4pm tonight!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   348

We gathered together at Kenny’s Bistro – a newly opened cafe that’s done out lovely and very reasonable – 85p for a toasted currant tea cake!!  More money to be spent on fabric!!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   347

The staff were lovely and didn’t mind us rearranging the table and chairs…

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2 thoughts on “The Spoolette’s 2nd Meet-Up

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  1. Hi Camilla, that pattern I was telling you about is New look 6217. There’s a bit of a thing about it on my blog. I’ll put some more pics up of other things I’ve made using it. It’s a good simple basic pattern to practise on with easy fitting. Love it!!!
    What a good day we had in Dewsbury. Look forward to doing it again. Xx

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