Sunday Sevens is a regular blogging series designed by Nat which you can participate in each week, fortnightly, monthly, or just whenever you get the urge. It’s a fun and easy way of sharing snippets of your week (or however long it has been since your last post). For the first time in a while, it’s my second Sunday Sevens on the trot…

Just like that, it’s the end of half term. It’s been a pretty quiet week with some great weather for the time of year. I’ve walked the dogs and spent some time sewing, as well as some time catching up with people. I’ve loved being out and about in daylight for what feels like the first time in months.

  1. I felt really pleased with myself last Sunday. The temperature had risen and there was a blustery breeze, so I bit the bullet and hung my washing on the line. And it began to dry! I was less smug later when it began to snow. In fact I was forced to have a brandy to warm me up before heading out to bring in the newly soaked washing.

2. I coloured in my first design from the Liberty colouring book I got for my birthday. It’s the first ‘proper’ colouring I’ve done in a very long time and it surprised me how long it took to complete a double page design. The perfect accompaniment to a wintery afternoon in front of the TV (and beside the gas fire).

3. I spent a day in Lincoln with my mum. We usually go a couple of times a year and love to call at Doddington Hall for a coffee and a scone en route. It was a beautiful day and so lovely to see spring flowers and blossom whilst we were there.

4. I bought a new cook book and so far have enjoyed sampling two of the breakfast recipes – this one is oat griddle cakes, which I scoffed with banana and maple syrup.  5. Taken on rainy a dog walk just near home. I love all of the little glimpses of spring.   6. I completed a make using some of the fabric purchased with The Yorkshire Spoolettes. It’s one I love for several reasons, and that I hope to blog about soon.

7. Thanks to a fair bit of sunshine I managed to take my camera on a couple of dog walks. I I only have the one lens so far and basically no idea about settings, but am enjoying seeing what I can do. Obviously Instagram lends a helping hand on occasion too…   

That was my half term, in a nutshell. I started and finished two garments which I am pleased with, as they were both the same pattern but out of my usual comfort zone as I’ve been wanting to up my sewing-game a little. I feel like I’ve had some time to think and be creative, and have lots of plans – and even a couple of lists – for things I would like to do/sew/read/cook/blog about over the coming weeks. I’m also looking forward to getting back to school and back into the swing of it all with my class. Have a lovely week.

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Sunrise 7.09am
Sunset 17.26pm