Easy as A B C

To start the year I decided that I would like a bit of a theme for some of my makes. I really like how Roisin creatively names each dress she makes, and I am filled with admiration at how quickly Sarah whips up her beautiful numbered makes. But that’s their thing, so I pondered for a while what mine could be for 2016.

 Probably whilst I was out walking, it clicked. I would give a name to my dresses (not all of my makes, just the dresses, which are my favourite thing to make and wear) but rather than any arbitrary kind of name, each one would start with the letters of the alphabet, in order. Once I had decided this, it all seemed a bit obvious – I am a teacher, after all.

 It does mean that I have to become a bit more organised in terms of the order in which  I blog my makes. I’ve just completed my C~dress but haven’t yet properly photographed or blogged my A~dress, so I already have some catching up to. What’s more, A, B and C dresses had obvious titles based on their prints. I’m about to begin D and nothing is jumping out at me. I’m sure I can use a little imagination, if needs be. Delightful, Delirious, Dreamy…


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