What to Watch?

I usually sew whilst watching TV, or should I say I watch TV whilst sewing. When I first started sewing, I didn’t even have a TV in the dining room, where I sew. Since then, I bought a TV and started to subscribe to Amazon Prime, and I recently signed up to Netflix, as I’m a sucker for a box-set. I press play and love the way one episode slides into the next as I work my way through a project. I usually manage to have a vague idea of what the plot is, but I am aware that I miss a lot of the subtleties because my attention is primarily on my project. I know some people watch films, other listen the radio, records or story tapes, (if tapes are still a thing) so I thought it would be fun to share a little of what I have enjoyed watching, whilst sewing, lately.

I don’t watch that much British TV. I’m not one for soaps, sport or reality shows (usually). I like a couple of panel shows; Have I Got News for You and 8 Out of 10 Cats, and I’d definitely describe The Voice as a guilty pleasure, but the things I enjoy the most are American dramas. I think they are something they do well. There are certain British dramas that rival this quality – Luther springs to mind – but for the most part, I prefer American shows. ER, The Wire, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Love, and even as far back as My So-Called Life, to me it seems that The US has been kicking out quality for quite some time.

I watched The American remake of The Returned in a fairly short space of time. I’m not usually a fan of anything vampire or zombie-esque, but this avoids going down too much of a tacky route. It was a bit different from similar shows, and I’m not entirely sure what direction Season 2 will head in, which I quite like. I do seem to think I started watching the original French series, but of course anything with subtitles is a no-go when sewing.

Probably my favourite series of the last six months was Flesh and Bone. There is only one season but I am desperately hoping for another. Both gritty and gripping, I watched this series in just a couple of days.

I had heard a fair bit about Making a Murderer in the media, although I had tried not to listen too closely in case it spoilt it for me and meant that there was no point watching it. It’s a documentary that provides a fascinating insight into the American justice system, but left me with an overwhelming feeling of concern.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Suits, but I really did. I watched all three seasons back to back before screeching to a hault when the next season was paid. I’m hoping it won’t be long until that becomes free, too.

 A couple of months ago I watched Transparent – Utterly random but very entertaining, about a family who each have their own separate issues.

I’ve just finished the second season of Mozart in the Jungle. I liked Season 1 much more than I anticipated, because classical music and orchestras doesn’t fill me with excitement. I enjoyed Season 1 but Season 2 lost something I felt. I just didn’t care as much about what happened.

Bates Motel has been around for a while I think, but I have only watched the first couple of episodes so far. It’s not scary but is interesting, and a little bit gorey which I don’t mind too much.

Love was a show that appeared on the recommendations at the top of a Netflix homepage, and I recklessly pressed play. I really liked it! So much so that I watched all the episodes by February 20th! It caused me to raise my eyebrows a few times, but I really liked the dynamic between the characters. I’m looking forward to the next season.

I’ve just started watching Mr Selfridge, as I didn’t watch it first time round on British TV. I sometimes like things that will just wash over me, that I don’t have to try too hard to think about or keep up with.

The worst part about binge-watching so much TV is that it’s rare that I find someone to dissect a series with. But perhaps this post will prompt one or two people to try a new show, and if it does, I would love to know your thoughts.


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  1. I do the same, if I can’t be bothered finding music to put on, takes up sewing time, I revert to the tv. In the background I enjoy the British period dramas and Suits was great! Mostly, I miss everything they’re talking about!!

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  2. How interesting that you prefer U.S. telly… I’m just the opposite, and am aghast that my new geographic location has so very, very few on offer. So sorry I can’t discuss any of your favourites with you, except Mr. Selfridge, which I sort of watched. Have much more success with talking books (now on dvd over here), but if I get interested in a story and come to a difficult part of a project, either have to stop the story for the sewing, or vice versa!

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  3. I also sunscribed to Prime last year and have watched some shows. I loved Mozart in the Jungle Season 1 so much I continued my subscription just so i could watch season 2 when it came out. Watching Season 2 I kept waiting for the buzz from season 1 but it never happened….something was lost. I also watched Transparent because it got a lot of awards and I was not disappointed – it gave me an entirely new perspective on LGBT issues that felt so real and am even more compassionate than before. I got into Suits but stopped watching when Season 3 finished then I just sort of forgot it. Its pure silliness but I loved it. Dont like horrors so I stay away from those. I will check out flesh and bones. Have you seen Outlander? Its on Prime and I loved that. Black Sails is also incredibly good if you like your pirates rough and ragged like me😀. I tend to cut and watch TV rather than sew and TV. I catch up to Radio 4 podcasts when sewing. Also check out Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix – it good! And Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Hila.x

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    1. Thanks Hila – so lovely to know I’m not alone in a lot of my viewing choices! I have also been watching Kimmy Schmidt lately too! I haven’t really given Outlander a go but given our seemingly similar taste I think you’ve just persuaded me! 😊

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  4. I can’t watch TV and sew, in fact I removed the TV from my sewing room, too distracting but I always listen to Radio 4 (big fan of the Archers) or Radio 4 on iplayer, mostly drama or sitcoms.

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    1. I guess for all intents and purposes my TV isn’t much more than a radio when I’m sewing -?and one that I don’t listen to too closely at that! If I’m on a long/late drive I quite like the plays on Radio 4 🙂

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  5. Interesting post. I tend to listen to audio books if anything, when I sew because my sewing machine is no where near the tv! Some interesting suggestions to try. Recently I have watched Happy Valley including the first series. Like a lot of People I enjoyed Mad Men, but haven’t seen the last 2 series yet. I do fancy outlander and Transparent, have to save my knitting for those!

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    1. I haven’t watched the final season of Madmen yet but do really love it! And when I watch it second time around I have a newfound interest in the outfits – mostly thinking that they’re all handmade one offs!


  6. If you’ve got Netflix, I would suggest you have a look at White Collar, which is about the White collar crimes unit of the FBI in New York, which sound a little dry, but it’s really a mini heist movie every episode. I tried watching Outlander, but couldn’t even make it all the way through the second episode, it’s really disappointing when you watch something that you really want to like, but that you find interminable.

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