Short, sweet and ready for spring 

Since February half term I’ve been in a complete work bubble. It’s a busy time of year with lots to be done, so sewing, blogging, and most non-work related activities have taken a back seat. I haven’t yet managed to get decent photos wearing my A, B and C dresses, and my D dress is not begun. But, I’ve sorted my sewing space, invested in and cut out a couple of new dress patterns, and got my eye on a couple of spring fabric collections. 

Last Sunday afternoon, when I’d done my work and walked the dogs. I found a pattern that would fit the 1.5m of colourful kite fabric I’d bought for £7.50 from a stall on Worksop market. The lady, Hazel, told me it was from America. 

I’ve already sewn one Cynthia Rowley 2215 blouse, and wanted to continue developing my recently acquired button-ability, so it seemed like the obvious choice.   

It’s a simple make with a few darts  and the most time being spent on attaching the collar, but there are various bits of the finish I’m not thrilled with. Said collar ended up with a couple of creases, which I’m hoping will be mainly overcome by wearing my hair down. The buttonholes went fine but I had to remove and restitch the buttons because I must not have laid the shirt flat when I worked out the placement initially. I also spotted a fault in the fabric, running in a line down the front, but hopefully no one else will look closely enough to spot that.  I opted for French seams and just used some sunny yellow buttons from my stash. 

   I’m still hoping I’ll get a decent amount of wear from it, either alone or perhaps under a shirt dress. It still seems a little impractical to be sewing something sleeveless at the beginning of March, but surely spring isn’t far away. 


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  1. Such a cute top! Hopefully you’ll get to wear it soon. I managed to go outside without a coat today and that’s always a milestone – you’ll be wearing it before you know it 😉

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    1. There did seem to be an excessive amount of faults with this ‘simple’ make but hopefully most people will have a less critical eye than me. I know, I’m a firm believer that pretty much every make teaches me something 😊


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