Sunday Sevens is a blogging series that you can join in with weekly, monthly or whenever you choose. It’s designed and coordinated by the lovely Nat so hop over to her blog for all the info.  

 It’s been a long time coming but here I am at last, with seven photos from the last (ahem) few days/weeks/months. Suffice to say it’s been a busy time. Away from here I have kept on sewing, and have now completed my A, B, C, D AND E Dresses – all worn but waiting to be photographed then blogged! 

1. New buttons!  I scoured the Internet and eventually found these on Etsy which were pretty, a little different and inexpensive.  2.  Since buying the Thug Kitchen cookbook, I’ve breakfasted on a fair few pancakes/oat griddle cakes. They’re filling and (fairly) healthy!

 3.  New walking trainers, and a new dog walking coat (not pictured) courtesy of the North Face sale. I spend so many hours walking I don’t mind paying for stuff to keep me warm and comfortable. 

 4.  Two of my most recent makes have been Day Dresses, plus I’m already planning a third. Have you come across it? It’s a lovely, wearable pattern. 

 5.  Four of us from school were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the new gallery housing the Portland Collection up at Welbeck. I just love the Welbeck estate and all of the associated history.  6.  Over the Easter weekend it really began to feel like spring. 

 7. Although it has been busy lately, I’ve kept walking as much as possible, although probably a little less than I would like.  The lighter evenings make heading out much more appealing, especially with clear skies and beautiful sunsets. 

 I hope you’ve begun to enjoy some better weather and had a relaxing bank holiday. I’ll be back, blogging, soon. 

A final shot of Wilfie, as it wouldn’t be Sunday Sevens without at least one dog photo.