Although I haven’t been sewing as much as I would like, and blogging even less, I have continued to spend some of my free time reading sewing blogs and trying to keep track of new fabrics, patterns and general sewing news. I thought it could be good to write a post now and again with bits and pieces that have caught my eye. I would love to hear whether you like them, have purchased anything similar, or can recommend something you’ve come across. 

To be clear, these are just things I have seen and liked, this post is in no way sponsored or affiliated to a particular company or website. 

Of all of these beauties, I think my favourite could be the Dear Stella collection at the bottom. I haven’t yet purchased any of these (my stash is still very well stocked!) but took screen shots as I saw them, just in case. 

I’m also currently lusting over two new jump suit patterns, (which I never thought I would say) the Marigold and the Poppy. The Poppy could well be my favourite, actually. Can you recommend?