This is my first attempt at anything resembling Sunday Sevens for a long time, and havinga quick look through my photos I can see there aren’t seven images to share from this week, but there are some, hence the rename. For a proper explanation of Sunday Sevens, particularly what a good one looks like, head over to Threads and Bobbins. 

It’s probably worth mentioning where I’ve been over the last couple of months…I’ve been teaching, sewing, and walking the dogs just like before, but somehow how blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside a little. I’ve completed  up to and including my L Dress (though have yet to blog my G Dress and beyond) and have made another couple of garments besides. As usual, I’m planning to have a major catch up (with everything!) during the summer hols. 

1. Last week the young cherry tree in my garden had some bright red cherries. This week it has some pale coloured cherry stones. I can’t be too annoyed at the birds for a snaffling them.

2. Went for tea at mum + dad’s house, and was treated to a film show. My dad travels a lot and takes lots of pictures; today they arrived in Holland for a few nights so no doubt more photos to follow. 

3. Went on a couple of walks last weekend, one of which was near Wentworth in Rotherham. I’ve been visiting that village since I was very small. Around the Wentworth Woodhouse estate there are loads of follies and monuments. One is even called The Eye of the Needle (topical!) but I didn’t see that one this time. 

4. The biggest change in the last few months is that I’ve started running! Mainly just 5k but a few 10ks, including my first 10k race. If there was an opposite saying to ‘like a duck to water’ I would use that to describe how I’ve got on. Fitness and weight wise I feel better but I’ve had difficulties with my legs – after 2 visits, the chiropractor concluded I’m not built to run. Next stop is the podiatrist and, although I’m currently running less often and less far than I would like, I’m determined to keep going. Here’s Wilfie after a post-work 5k on Friday. 

5. Spent a bit of time tidying up the garden today, things are growing so quickly I can’t keep up. Love the colour of these self-seeding poppies. 

I’m currently out on my Sunday afternoon dog walk, in the sunshine. This weekend’s flown so I plan to mostly relax for the rest of the day, quite possibly with a g+t for good measure. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, and have a great week ahead. 


Sunrise: 4.44

Sunset: 21.34