Trails v Treadmill

I've been planning on writing this post for a little while, and as it's half term plus I've just finished reading Born to Run, now seems to be the ideal time. I toyed with the title Trails Trump Treadmill, but, despite my love of alliteration, the risk of being associated with anything Donald caused me... Continue Reading →


Running (with dogs)

Since taking up running last April there have been lots of pluses for me, (fitness, weight, energy levels) but there have also been a couple of minuses. If you've been here from the start you'll know that this blog was first and foremost created as a sewing blog, in order to share my makes with... Continue Reading →

Making the Most of the Summer

The summer break is here, and it's that lovely time when anything seems possible, and I have endless possibilities of things that I could/should/hope to do during the holidays. It's a time to get organised with practical but necessary stuff; medical/dental appointments, banking and other bits of chores and housekeeping. It's a chance to reflect... Continue Reading →

Sunday Somethings

This is my first attempt at anything resembling Sunday Sevens for a long time, and havinga quick look through my photos I can see there aren't seven images to share from this week, but there are some, hence the rename. For a proper explanation of Sunday Sevens, particularly what a good one looks like, head... Continue Reading →

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