An exceptionally short post – I present to you the L Dress. It’s a Bettine made from some viscose type fabric purchased from The Textile Centre a few months ago. I’ve not tried to hide the fact that I’m majorly behind with blogging my makes, and this is illustrated by the fact that I made this back in June. I’ve worn it a few times, although not over the last couple of months. The Bettine isn’t an overly summery pattern but the fabric just makes me think of sunnier days! Probably about time I dug it out of the wardrobe, check the fit and then pair it with tights and a cardigan. Last week I spotted I’m not the only one to pair up this pattern and fabric – @isabelinfo on Instagram had me doing a double take at her almost identical version! Oh, and as for the L? Well, after toying with several adjectives beginning with L that may be used to describe ice cream, I think this one will be The Late Dress, since I’m 6 months late in sharing it with you.