Yes, it’s still October and no, I am not one of those people that sees Christmas preparation as something to get out the way, but thanks to half term and the definite onset of autumn, my thoughts have begun to creep towards the festive season.
Back in the summer I’d fallen in love with some Rowan fabric, but at £14 per metre I could not justify the splurge without a project in mind. Upon returning to the store I was disappointed but not surprised to find that the fabric in my preferred colourway had sold out. By now I’d bought and made a couple of dress patterns, so knew I’d need about 2.5 metres for my size for most patterns. That totalled £35. I would spend upwards of that on a Christmas outfit, so I bit the bullet and requested 2.5 metres. As luck would have it, there was just under three metres left on the roll, meaning I got almost half a metre for free, in this print:
I love the print and think the fabric has gorgeous deep colours without being overly Christmassy.
My next challenge is to find a pattern to do it justice. I have the shoe box full of inherited patterns, a couple of new ones with two more in the post, and from an antiques shop I just bought these:

As yet I’m undecided. I would like to make a Christmas dress that’s a little bit different, a little bit special and completed wearable. Not too short, not too low, decent but different. I would welcome any suggestions…

In other news, although it’s only October, I purchased a charming new Christmas mug today, courtesy of @emmabridgewater. I can’t resist anything with a bird design.