A weekly blog series to round up any particularly photogenic or eventful highlights of your week. Check out Nat’s blog to find out how you can join in next week.  

 It’s the Sunday at the end of half term, though fortunately we have a bonus day off tomorrow in the form of an inset day. It’s been a fairly quiet week, and I’ve made the most of some time to myself by sewing up as many makes as I could – seven garments in total! The upshot of this is that I completed – and exceeded – my Personal Pledge. 

1.  The weather this week has been mainly grey, interspersed with a few showers and some fog. I walked the dogs with my mum close to her house and came across some highland cattle. 

 2. A dull photo but an exciting investment – I treated myself to a new invisible zipper foot, and wondered why I hadn’t done so sooner! I’ve only seen one zip with it so far but it seemed so much firmer and smoother than my previous one.  

 3.  I took my mum to my hairdressers, where I had the usual and she had a few highlights and a trim. Ooh, and I’m wearing one of my new makes! 

 4.  I’ve done a bit more ‘cooking’ than usual. These are the easiest roast potatoes I’ve ever made – I didn’t peel OR parboil, just chopped them and added oil and seasoning and they turned out great! 

 5.  I used my bias tape maker for the first time. 

 6.  I began making a cape – as inspired by Ali! Apparently, it’s possible (for me) to be confused by a cape, so it’s now on the WIP pile awaiting the purchase of extra fabric AND lining. 

 7.  A foggy dog walk to end the week. I went somewhere different and Wilfie in particularly absolutely loved it – woods to explore, hedgerows to sniff under and fields to chase through. It has been tainted a little as he chose to wade through a very stag an puddle at the the end of the walk, so it was bath time for both dogs when we got home. 

 A couple of extras from the misty morning walk:  

   If you’re back at work tomorrow or Tuesday, have a great start to Autumn 2. If you’ve been working all along, have a great first week of November. My new half term resolution is try and keep my hand in and do some sewing during term time, spurred on by the fact I would like to make at least a couple of Christmas gifts this year.