A weekly blog series devised by Nat at Threads and Bobbins. 

A week into the new half term and I’m back in the swing of all things school related, hence the absence of a wide range of photos. 

1.  I started and completed my final make of half term – a fourth (yet not final) Bettine.

 2.  It’s been an exceptionally foggy week. I walked the dogs every night but one (bonfire night). 

 3.  The only bit of actual sewing I managed was to alter one of my Bettines by reducing the tulip shape of the skirt. I’m now much happier with it. 

 4.  Obligatory dog photo. On aforementioned bonfire night, I was concerned that the dogs would become distressed at the noise, so I closed the curtains, increased the TV volume and cuddled up with Oliver. He barely batted an eyelid. 

 5.  I can’t take credit for this cross stitch as I simply came across it in a magazine, but I love both the style and the sentiment. 

 6.  My Kona colour card arrived! Purchased to enable me to buy solid colour fabrics to match with smaller amounts in my stash. 

 7.  Bottled some homemade cherry brandy with the help of my mum and dad. It’s five years old and actually tastes really good. There was another half a bottle that I let my mum and dad take home, as a thank you for their assistance with decanting from the kilner jars. 

 On Saturday afternoon I managed a pretty quick sewing project in the form of a Colette Myrtle, that I will be blogging about very soon. On Sunday morning I also cut out a Cynthia Rowley dress that I am looking forward to starting to sew up. 

Have you had chance to do much sewing this week? And have you started making or planning Christmas gifts yet? Whatever you’re up to, have a great week.