In the spirit of putting the clocks back an hour this weekend, I’ve put my Sunday Sevens back a day. It’s half term and I’m gradually easing myself into holiday mode.  

 Unsurprisingly, the last week of the half term went by in a flash. Sunday Sevens, usually published on Sundays, is 7 photos from your week. Nat demonstrates what a good one looks like over at Threads and Bobbins

1.  Last Sunday I completed a quilt as a baby gift. I blogged about it here. 

 2.  I started (and finished!) my first sewing project of the half term. Can you tell what it is from the pattern? 

 3.  I’m still loving the autumn. The dogs are enjoying sniffing all the scents that are stuck to the leaves on the ground. 

 4.  Another autumnal pic, some very pretty and unusual leaves that I think are a type of oak? 

5.  A lovely walk near Elsecar Heritage Centre. Beautiful sunshine on a chilly day. 

6. My first catch up with Elijah for a long time!  He turned one last month and is growing up quickly. 

7.  Although the clocks have gone back, Monday evening afforded a beautiful sunset and an unusually bright and low moon.  Not the greatest photo, but it hopefully makes the point. 

For anyone on half term, enjoy the break and embrace the season. For everyone else, simply have a lovely week.