I’m almost embarrassed by how long it is since I sewed up this dress ~ put it this way, more than a term has passed in the mean time. I named it the G Dress, because it’s a gradual dress ~ I cut it out and faffed around for a while before it was finally completed. The pattern is Simplicity 8014, and is the second shirt dress I’ve attempted. I’ve worn it quite a lot, although thanks to my aversion to pre-washing, it has now become a little shorter than I would like. I used some fairly lightweight denim, from Minerva I think, plus some buttons with trees engraved to add a bit of interest. This dress has a couple of features I like; the cuffs on the sleeves and the dipped hem are both nice details. I also like the pleat in the yoke on the back.

Worn here with a cute scissor brooch on the breast pocket, from the Ernest Wright factory shop.
The belt isn’t fixed; neither did I make belt loops but I definitely like the definition that the belt adds. Once completed, I immediately cut out another 8014, in a thinner, darker cotton, but I forgot to add length so I already know it will come up fairly short again. For this reason, it’s patiently been sitting in my WIP pile for a few months.

This was the dress I wore to the Big Simplicity Bloggers Meet, (already three months ago, wow!) and in a room full of lovely ladies wearing home~sewn clothes, I didn’t feel too out of place.

There’s now a gap in my blog photos, where the H, I, J, K AND L dresses should be. I finished and photographed my M dress yesterday, and N is on the table today so I have some real back tracking to do. Fingers crossed I’ll have another post with you soon.